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The PufferCraft server is a simple, wholesome and fun mostly vanilla survival server.

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Our Server

Our Community

Our's mission is to create and maintain a kind, enjoyable and super fun global community. We do a lot to support our community, such as organizing and maintaining the discord outside of the game itself to keep us connected even away from the keyboard.

Pure Vanilla

PufferCraft is strictly a vanilla survival server, enabling us to continue to innovate and find new, creative ways to play the game as it was meant to be played. This means no one gets any special advantages within the game, such as paying to win or buying OP spots.

Our Legacy

As a continuous successor to our founding team's original Minecraft server over 10 years ago, the PufferCraft server carries on a long and storied tradition of active, tight, and incredibly ambitious vanilla survival Minecraft servers.

Our Community

The PufferCraft community is a warm, mature, kind community that enjoys hanging out with and building cool, ambitious projects together.

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