David's Dog Fan Page


Welcome To My Web Homepage

Hi! My name is David, and this is my web page. This web page is a fan page for my wonderful dog Mori. He is a very good boy!

Mori is some kind of mix of herding dogs! Could he be a collie? An aussie? No idea! But he looks like some kind of mix of the herding breeds so he's probably mostly some of them. I like to call him a "doggy dog".

Mori lives with me, David, in San Francisco, California! (And sometimes he lives with me and my parents as well in Orange County, California.)

About The Owner

Hi! I'm David and this is my personal website. I hope you like it :)

In addition to spending time with Mori--I love animals so much!--I also enjoy spending my time during quarantine playing video games with my friends and drinking tea and coffee. Check out my Minecraft server!

I like to code and build things too! I currently work at Stripe as a software engineer. Before that I spent time bouncing around and was also a Product Designer at Facebook!

Feel free to reach out to me at uselestufdb@gmail.com