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Summer of 2017 I was a Product Design Intern at Facebook New York on Recommendations and Reviews. I worked on several things.

Highlights include:

One of the things I contributed as a side project while was Facebook.design’s desktop kit:

My role was to mock up menus, and I was the second to last person to review the sketch file before shipping so I made about 30 tiny little fixes to make sure the file matched the real OSX designs


Summer of 2016 I was an intern on the UberPOOL & Rider Design team. I designed new mobile rider experiences, researched opportunities for and designed new internal tools, and worked on map annotations for the app redesign.

I worked on:

Personal Projects

Petra Finance

Personal finance app I worked on as a side project. It was a a personal finance app like Mint but designed to be more relevant to modern, younger users. Petra Labs was incubated under UC Berkeley’s Free Ventures and The House’s Student Founders Program.

Petra Calendar

We also worked on a calendar app, something like a Sunrise replacement that effectively well integrated different calendars and tools (like Asana, Trello, Todoist) into it seamlessly, something all calendar apps today still don’t do well.


Note taking replacement app I worked on last winter break. I did the design and my friend did the dev (React/Electron/Firebase stack). Project has been put on hold indefinitely.

Small app built by me for my own personal usage. I like using sticky notes so I wanted something more like that but in the menubar, a single, highly minimal and highly persistent note that could be edited at any time. Made with HTML/CSS/JS and Electron.

I’ve also worked on quite a few freelance projects, HMU if you wanna see them.

Various Graphic Work

Various pieces of graphic design.

InnoD Flyer

Cal Hacks 2.0 Bears

Branding for a Meme Page

Workshops & Speaking

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